Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My hometown

I was reading a few of my secondary essays, and this one stood out at me. I miss home. Just thought to copy here - may you also think of your hometown and memories that you have growing up that serve an important part of your life right now. Sorry for the codes - it's a bit necessary :)

My family and I migrated to the United States when I was three years old, and we’ve lived in the [Blank 1] area suburbs ever since. We initially lived in Area 1, but moved to Area 2 area when I was in seventh grade. The Area 2 area is rapidly-developing area of Blank 1, mostly due to the education system. Moving from Area 1 to Area 2, I noticed the change in education rigorness and I’m very grateful to have spent my latter years of schooling in Area 2. The community also has many recreational activities, such as biking trails, water parks and man-made beaches, that I would enjoy spending my summer vacations. While I realized that I was fortunate to have access to these ammeneties, in contrast to my previous neighborhood in Area 1, I did not realize the extent until I went to college. Before I went to college, I thought it was nice to live in Area 2. When I visited Area 2 during my first college vacation was when I realized how much I adored Area 2 and under-imagined the community it creates.

Living in [Blank 1], it is very difficult to get around without owning a car or someone acting as a chaufer. Living in Chicago for four years, I have enjoyed the convenience of public transportation. Because [Blank 1] is so wide-spread, having a stronger public transportation system would be very helpful. On the upside, because [Blank 1] has a lot of land, retail is relatively cheaper and affordable.

In hindsight, [Blank 1] in general is a great city to raise a family. Area 2 is a very family encomassing neighborhood. Even though it’s a realvitly new community, it has grown immensely these past few years. And we all still feel like a small family of our own. I still remember the days our entire neighborhood would sing Christmas Carols to other neighborhoods around Area 2. It’s these memories of growing up, that I keep very dear to me. 

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