Thursday, March 1, 2012

Discussions with Physicians & Nurses

If you were rich, famous, and constantly in the spotlight - would you recycle your outfits?

It seems easier for guys to get away with recycled outfits than girls. I mean, how many different outfits can you have? How many outfits do you actually own? For example, Vanna White - she has to have a different outfit every day! Does she actually own all of them? I'm pretty sure designers let her broadcast their outfits for the night. I can just picture the media going haywire if she wore the same outfit. This is another reason I have a girl-crush on Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. She is not "worried" at all about recycling outfits, and I'm exceptionally happy that the media has taken such a positive turn on the situation. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure the tabloids could create some huge drama scandal.

Among other things, this is a discussion I just had with the docs and nurses. It's funny how differently you're treated when they know you work with their boss. Muahahah.