Monday, September 12, 2011

Happiness -- controlling your exit?

I just read this article.

I definitely agree with the author that this approach seems a little anti-social. While I do understand what she's trying to say, I can't honestly say I believe this will boost your happiness.

In happiness, it is important to know that you're in control of your emotions. If you find a party is boring, you can leave. Basically, do not feel an obligation to act a certain way for others to be happy, and intern think it will make yourself feel happy. Is that a confusing statement? But this passage also mentions that you can leave early at parties, or have parties at other places instead your own home. Personally, I've never enjoyed the "big groups." I've always been a fan of my small group, and really enjoy their company.

A big part of finding happiness, is really knowing what makes you happy. I know that enjoy the company of my small group of friends. Bigger groups scare me a little, so I prefer not to put myself into those kind of positions. If I absolutely have to be in a position with a bigger group, I like attending with a closer friend of mine.

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